First Post-Pre-Alpha Update!

Hey there!

Thank you to everyone who's played the pre-alpha so far and especially thank you to the people who have tweeted or even made YouTube videos about it! It means the world that anyone enjoys my weirdo kind-of-long-winded nonsense enough to support it!

I am perhaps the slightest bit disappointed that no one has read it on YouTube in a gravely, semi-nasally Phillip Marlowe voice yet but whaddya gonna do, pally?

I've updated a few things! They are listed below:

  • Reduced the frankly ridiculous jump height
  • Made areas inaccessible by reduced jump height accessible (at least the ones that are SUPPOSED to be accessible)
  • You can now move and attack at the same time
  • Passthrough platforms have been patched very quickly to stand out from regular platforms
  • The "Question" indicator will now gray itself out for anything that has already been viewed (which was tougher to do than I thought it'd be, man)
  • Rebalanced the peacock fight for new jump height and attack style
  • Fixed some typos
  • Confident children will no longer get a whim to practice pick-up lines.

Thanks for stopping by and go follow the game on @Trainwreck_Dev at twitter, or follow my personal account on the same site at @MrFunkSandwich!

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Jul 19, 2019

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