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Deep Night Detective! Catchy moniker, ain't it?

Detective Victor Spooky, he's a buddy of mine. He's what you might call a ghost detective. He'd, err, like me to clarify that he's a ghost detective because he's, y'see, a ghost. He investigates stuff what got nothin' to do with ghosts, but not this time!

In this, his first and, so far, most exciting adventure, Detective Spooky's been called into a rickety old mansion called Winterfield Manor to investigate two disappearances that have been traced there. The residents of the mansion are all keeping their lips zipped up tight and it's drivin' Victor up the wall! And that's not even bringing up the Will-O'-Wisp, a demon with no face, no morals, and a motive that's about as easy to make out as a ghost in a hot shower! This guy's nutty, let me tell you, and he's clearly hamming it up, but why?

Why's old no-face so keen on making it look like he's the baddest Beelzebub in town where he's purposely stepping on his own grimy feet to do it? Don't ask me, just play the game for cripes' sake, it's free! First chapter is, anyway, who knows when the author's gonna get off his lazy bum and finish this damn thing?

You got about 20-30 minutes to spare? Give it a go! Now if you'll excuse me, I got broads to drink and cocktails to flirt with.


~Brought to you by Wilson Taylor, with music by Lewmoth~ 


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorTrainwreck Studios
GenreVisual Novel
TagsGhosts, Horror, Metroidvania, Mystery


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Am stuck on the Steam version, have made it to trying to interrogate Valerie, but only have two clues available to be combined, even though I've spoken to (seemingly) everyone about everything. I do seem to have missing notes in each category of case notes, except for the Demonic Resonance Room.


How do I set my controls? I can't rebind keys, since "S" is default confirm key, but pressing it immediately binds the action I'm trying to change to THAT key.

Love the story telling and gameplay. Can't wait for more chapters of the good ol' Det.Spooky! <3

I absolutely loved the sense of humour and story progression - great work! 

Any hints to defeat that damned peacock though? 😭

I'm getting error message "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined." Any idea if this is a game issue? Thanks!


You're probably trying to run it through the Itch App, I'll take some time out maybe tomorrow to get it working through there, I've done it in the past. My bad!

I'm trying to install it through the app, but if there's another way, I'd be happy to do that!


You could visit the page at https://trainwreckstudios.itch.io/deep-night-detective-chapter-one or download it from Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1471080/Deep_Night_Detective__Chapter_One/ ! :D

It's really fun as I thought~

I didn't expect it to be a metroidvania though, at first I thought it's a puzzle game!

Lacks tutorial and apparently there's a note bug? But it's fine~

Episode 1~



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I actually forgot to post this here sheesh, episode 2!

The giant peacock is so cuteeeeee why did it have to dieeeeee

Also while recording episode 3 I found a bug on the final cresent moon room, if you try to walk back you'll get stuck.

And also while trying to get the final episode done, it seems there's another bug (?) that causes me to have to restart over the second phase of the fight >_< (aka the key is gone)


It's at peace now.

Also, thank you so much for the bug feedback, it's very helpful!! :D

No problem!!!

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Episode 3! I didn't expect such a spooky looking demon in this cute looking metroidvania. 

Also I did mention a bug before! You can just skip to the end of the video to see it! I got thrown out of bound it seems?

Edit: while continuing recording episode 4 I notice it seems there's another bug that makes me unable to collect any note (?), there's also bug that causes crescent moon doesn't move at all, and there's a bug that causes Valeria to simply gone - though this one could be because I accidentally activate Dev Mode -, lastly there's an error after the game ends, but it wasn't that important, just after the thank you and you try to press escape I think.

Episode 4, this is it, the final battle....

Which ended up becoming anti-climatic because of a bug (;_;)

BUT THAT'S OKAY!!! Game development is hard and there will be bug, after all this is still a very excellent game! Would love to see the next chapter~

Hey do some notes are intended to be revealed before its events or is it a bug? Also what's the button for alt-attack?


That's definitely a bug! D:


Hay I saw a playthrough of chapter one and really enjoyed it, is there any place I could post fan art? Also how often will new chapters come out?

Hit me up on Twitter at @DeepNightDet with fan art! Or post them wherever you feel!

I'm working on Ch. 2 right now, it'll... probably be a while. Sorry. ^^;; I'm working hard though!

Thank you! I'm super excited to see what happens next keep up the good work!


I don't wanna make an account I won't really use but I still wanna show my support so here is the peace.

Oh wow, thank you so much! This is just awesome!

Would you mind terribly if I were post this on the Deep Night Detective twitter? And if so, how would you like me to credit you?

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Thank you so much!

Sure you can! and I don't have any real platform so you can just credit me as my online alias imploding crocodile, though I have an email if you want to use that but it's a new one.

One more day~

After I finish playing Bus-Tea Succubus I'll check this out~


Cool! :D

I'm so excited fot this it looks so coolll

Hey thanks!!

Won't be too long now!



Very cool of you to say, seriously, thank you so much.

It's kind of a new experience having people be excited for this one.


any time


cant wait for this to be release :D

Aw, thanks! Won't be too long now!